Living in Los Angeles, the majority of us are drivers. As such, we have all experienced, at one point or another, that dreadful yellow light coming on in our dashboard. For some of us this light unleashes sheer and utter panic, while for others it simply means that at one point in the near, or possibly late, future we’ll have it looked at. Regardless of which group you’re init is important that you get it looked at right away. It is even more important that you take it to a professional and reputable auto repair shop to do so. You want to ensure that it is diagnosed accurately and corrected properly. You don’t want to risk causing damage to one of the most expensive parts in your vehicle. Westside Transmission & Automotive is a professional and reputable auto repair shop in Los Angeles. We have all of the latest software and scanners to ensure a quick and accurate auto repair diagnosis. Our world-class equipment coupled with the dozens of years of experience our technicians bring you, make for unparalleled auto repair service. 
In the event the source for your engine light is minor and can not cause damage to your vehicle if you continue to drive it, it is still important to get it resolved. The reason is if you continue to drive it and another issue arises, a more serious one, which would cause your engine light to turn on, you would not know it. This is because your engine light is already on. At this point, you risk causing extensive and potentially expensive damage to your vehicle. To avoid this, have your engine light diagnosed as soon as it lights up. Try to have it corrected as soon as possible, to avoid expensive repairs. Our technicians are the best in the area and you can be certain that you will receive an accurate and fair diagnosis. We welcome you to call us at 310-473-2235 with any questions you may have.