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Written by Jessica Golden

4 Signs of a Cracked Cylinder Head

A car’s internal combustion engine contains multiple cylinders. On top of each of them are cylinder heads. Pistons close the cylinder heads to allow the air/fuel mixture to undergo compression in the combustion chamber.

Like any component that is used frequently, cylinder heads have a limited service life, often needing service or replacement faster than other car parts. Their lightweight design makes them vulnerable to wear and tear as mileage accumulates. After five years, cracks will typically begin to form on cylinder heads. Heads manufactured from aluminum are more likely to crack around this period.

An inspection by a qualified technician is usually needed to find cracking in the cylinder heads, otherwise they may not be noticeable. Fortunately, there are four signs of cracked cylinder heads that a car owner can utilize as listed below. If you notice any one of these symptoms, visit an experienced and certified independent automotive service facility for superior value and personalized service.

1) Coolant & Oil Leaks

A seriously cracked cylinder head will leak both coolant and oil. Lack of coolant will lead to overheating. Lack of oil can harm the engine. Your dashboard may warn you of either issue, so it’s wise to stop driving your vehicle and get an inspection immediately.

2) Engine Misfiring

When there is a severely cracked cylinder head, the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber will be inadequate and the engine will not be able to function properly.

3) Smoke and Fumes

This does not happen often, but large cylinder head cracks will let exhaust gases escape from the engine. This is a certain indication that your car will need a new cylinder head immediately.

4) Weak Performance

The very first sign that may indicate a cracked cylinder head is weaker engine performance. A cracked cylinder head will allow the compressed air/fuel mixture to leak from the combustion chamber. This will cause the engine to run slower or hesitate.

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