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Written by Jessica Golden

Basic Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Fall is just a few weeks away, and the warmer and dryer days of summer will be replaced by cooler and wetter conditions. Take the opportunity to get your car ready for rougher weather. Below are basic car maintenance tips for the fall. Find a reputable independent automotive service facility near you for better value and personalized service.


A summer of long drives has taken a toll on your car’s brakes, and it makes sense to have them inspected before autumn brings rain and maybe even snow. Make sure your brakes are functioning well, so you have enough stopping distance on wet surfaces. Brakes are the most important safety feature of your vehicle.

Inspect Lights

Conduct an inspection of your vehicle’s headlights and signals. The days are gradually getting shorter, and commutes that were in sunlight will eventually be in darkness. If any signal lights are faulty or burned out, have them replaced. For your headlights, have their vertical and horizontal alignment checked and adjusted accordingly.


If you reside in a region that has four seasons, being prepared with seasonal tires is crucial for keeping your car safe by optimizing its traction on the road. Many independent car service shops provide new tires, installation, balance, and alignment, along with expert advice. They can help you meet seasonal driving conditions with the correct tires.

Windshield Wipers

It is a good idea to replace your wiper blades every fall before the wetter and colder weather arrives. Properly functioning wipers help ensure driver visibility and promotes driving safety. If it has been more than year since you have had your windshield wipers replaced, take the opportunity to do this before fall and winter brings ice and snow.

Last Advice

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