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Written by Jessica Golden

Can You Spot These Car Electrical Warnings? – Part 1

Every modern vehicle has a multitude of electronic features including those that operate turn signals and start the engine. Attempting to repair them will be quite difficult without proper training and equipment, especially with the complex components that are now standard in today’s vehicles. Fortunately, there are simple signs that can still tell us when there is something wrong. The following will discuss five car electrical warnings that most car owners can spot. 

Battery Issues

The vehicle’s electrical system relies on a functioning battery, which stores the electrical power required. Typically, a battery has a repair of life of five years, and this is shorter in regions that experience high temperatures. As a result, experts recommend replacing a car battery when it is four years old.

Either a defective battery cell or faulty alternator that is not charging the battery normally is the reason why a car battery is not remaining fully charged. Having the entire electrical system checked is necessary in situations where a faulty battery may not be the only reason for a problem.

Occasionally inspect for corrosion on battery cables because buildup results in resistance that can keep current from flowing adequately. Also check that cables fit tightly at the terminals.

Cranking Problems

A car does not necessarily start due to a faulty starter, dead battery, or engine problem. The cause may be a failing or failed electrical system component that is drawing current from the battery and keeping the engine from being cranked by the starter. Typically, the check engine light will be activated, indicating the car will not start.

A clicking noise when a key is turned occurs because the starter unable to receive adequate electrical current to engage because of a faulty or discharged battery.

If there is a grinding noise when you are turning over the engine, this is likely because the starter or flywheel ring gear has failed.

As a car ages and piles up miles, it becomes more likely that a car’s rotating electrical components will become faulty. Fuel injection delivery issues while cranking are also causes for hard starts. To help prevent problems, make it a point to make regular appointments for cleaning the fuel injectors and throttle body.

Part 2 will discuss Fuses, Headlights, and Odors.

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