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Written by Jessica Golden

Car Air Conditioning Basics and Servicing

car repair , maintenance servicesThe majority of us aren’t aware that the cold air produced by your car’s A/C system starts off as hot air. To keep it simple, a multi-step process uses changes in pressure to cause a change in temperature.

When the air conditioner is turned on, its compressor compresses the A/C system’s refrigerant (Freon) and raises its temperature. As the Freon flows through the condenser, it gradually loses heat.

Subsequently, the Freon travels through the receiver/dryer, and both moisture and contaminants are extracted. Next, it goes through the expansion valve/accumulator, where the refrigerant is slowed down, resulting in a loss of pressure and temperature prior to reaching the evaporator.

The evaporator’s function is opposite of the condenser. Here refrigerant liquid is turned to gas, absorbing heat from the air in the compartment during the process. As this happens, the car’s ventilation system activates a blower motor, which pushes air over the cold evaporator and then blows refreshingly cool air into the passenger compartment.

A/C Inspection

How often you should have your car’s A/C inspected depends on how you think your A/C system is performing. If you are getting cool air at the level of flow that you think is normal, maybe an inspection is not necessary. However, if the air does not feel cold enough or the fan’s output of cold air feels weak, it is probably time to bring your car in for servicing. A technician can perform a check of your A/C system and make a proper diagnosis of what needs to be serviced or repaired.

A/C System Recharging

If you notice that your car is no longer providing the refreshingly cold air it once did, you should have your A/C system inspected. Typically, the technician will find that its Freon level is low. As the A/C system is designed to be completely sealed, a low level of Freon indicates something is faulty. There may be a small leak that will require repair or an A/C component that requires replacement. Once the problem has been addressed, the A/C system can be recharged to a full level of refrigerant.

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