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Written by Jessica Golden

Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning for Summer

Car Mechanic,Car Repair ,HelpNow that summer’s here, you should have a certified mechanic inspect and service your car’s air conditioning system to keep your ride cool during the hottest days.  You’ll be thankful you did when it’s one of those days you can even fry an egg on the pavement.

During the usual checkup a mechanic will look for apparent problems related to your vehicle’s A/C, such as leaks, a defective compressor, loose mounting brackets, or improper drive belt tension. But a complete service package is needed at every interval your car’s manufacturer recommends. It should include the following items below:

Air Conditioning Service Checklist

  • Inspect hoses and wiring harnesses
  • Check valves and interior regulators
  • System lines and components leak test
  • Compressor oil replacement
  • System vacuum for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Examination and adjustment of pulleys and drive belts
  • Analyze, recover, and recycle used refrigerant
  • Refrigerant and oil recharge
  • System temperature and pressure testing
  • Removal and replacement of the filter unit
  • Condenser unit inspection
  • Air vent temperature check
  • Service record update

A/C Maintenance Tips

  • After getting your car’s scheduled service, the following four tips will help you get the most out of your air conditioning until the next appointment:
  • Run the air conditioning weekly to keep the seals of your compressor lubricated and prevent leaks.
  • During colder days, use A/C to decrease humidity, which will help keep your front and rear windshields, as well as your windows, fog-free for safer driving.
  • Set your air conditioning’s ventilation to flow through instead of recirculating when you are on the freeway to prevent headaches and drowsiness caused by CO2 buildup inside, which has been found to be a factor in accident studies.
  • Moisture build up in a car’s A/C system may allow fungi and bacteria to breed, which will affect passengers with allergies and asthma, so consult with a certified A/C technician on how to prevent or deal with this.

Always remember that the best and safest way to service your A/C system is allowing a certified technician with approved refrigerant recycling equipment to do the job. A vehicle’s refrigerant gas is required by law to be recycled properly to protect the environment.

Last Advice

Make an appointment with us here at Chesapeake Import Services and let us service your car’s air conditioning. We will be very happy to keep you cool the whole summer.  Phone: (410) 267-8411