Front-End Alignments Auto Repair
Written by Jessica Golden

Diagnosing and Fixing Steering Pull

Front-End Alignments Auto RepairSteering pull will force you to place pressure on the steering wheel to prevent drifting to one side when you want to go straight. Doing this for long periods will stress the driver and wear  out tires much sooner. Steering pull also compromises driving safety which makes it critical that a proper diagnosis be made as soon as possible. This article will discuss the possible causes.

Brake Drag

Constant toward one side, this type of pull sometimes gets worse when brakes are applied. This could be caused be a sticking caliper, a sticking or frozen caliper piston, an excessively filled master cylinder reservoir, fatigued drum brake return springs, or poorly adjusted parking brake pedal switches, drum brakes, or parking brakes. It will be required to readjust or repair brakes.

Rear Axle

Although its front wheels are within alignment specifications, the car pulls to one side. This is caused by a rear toe outside specifications, misaligned chassis, misaligned rear axle, or a bent rear axle. This can be fixed through the realignment of the rear axle or rear toe, or realignment of thrust angle as needed.

Tire Issues

A car will lead to the side when a front tire is underinflated. When tires are mismatched or have uneven wear, a vehicle will pull towards the side offering the most rolling resistance.

Uneven Camber

Excessive cross-camber will result in causing a car pulling or leading towards one side. This could be caused by a bent strut or dislocated strut tower, collapsed control arm bushing, a bent spindle, broken or fatigued spring, or a shifted engine or cross-member cradle. Replacing or adjusting faulty parts, along with readjusting the camber to specifications, will address this problem.

Uneven Caster

Excessive cross-caster can cause a car to pull to the side with negative caster. This could be caused by a bent strut or spindle as well as a dislocated strut tower. Replacing or adjusting faulty parts, and/or resetting the caster to specifications will fix this issue.

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