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Written by Jessica Golden

Did Winter Rough Up Your Shocks and Struts?

Car Repair ,HelpWinters can be rough on your car’s shocks and struts because winter weather affects road surfaces more than other seasons. Now that spring is here, it would be a good idea to have them checked. The rain storms of spring can make roads slippery, and your shocks and struts help ensure that you drive safely. We’ll discuss both in this article. Take you car to an independent automotive service facility for greater value and more personalized service.

Importance of Suspension System

Working almost unnoticed, a car’s suspension system is intended to bear thousands of pounds of weight. It should be no surprise that as time passes the shocks of a vehicle gradually wear down and will need to be replaced. Many car owners think that their suspension systems only make driving smoother.  Actually, their condition greatly affects overall car performance, driver handling, and driving safety.  Shocks and struts should be given regular servicing like other components of a vehicle. Two other key suspension system services are chassis lubrication and wheel alignment.

Suspension System Role and Service Life

The role of the suspension is to maintain the relationship between the car’s frame and wheels, working with the steering system that controls its direction. Functioning properly, the suspension system also absorbs the punishment that occurs when a car hits bumps and potholes, allowing the car to remain stable. Typically, shocks and struts have service lives of approximately 50,000 miles. Below are the factors that determine how long they last.

  • Driving habits
  • Road conditions
  • Type of vehicle
  • Steering and suspension system
  • Maintenance quality and frequency

Symptoms of Problems

If you experience or spot the following symptoms, take your vehicle to an automotive service facility to have a certified technician inspect its suspension system. Doing this promptly may save you money before more expensive damage occurs and will ensure your driving safety.

  • Dipping and nose diving during stopping
  • Pulling and drifting while turning
  • Rough ride even in normal conditions
  • Shock absorbers appear oily or damaged
  • Uneven tread wear of tires

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