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Written by Jessica Golden

Do You Need a Fuel Injection Flush?

Tune-up Engine Repair HelpA Fuel injector cleaning service is often recommended by automobile dealers and independent repair facilities. However, there should be symptoms of fuel injector clogging like stalling, slow acceleration, increased emissions, more gas consumption, and rough idling before one should be performed. Otherwise, it is likely unneeded. Nowadays, fuel injector cleaning is not usually noted on a manufacturer’s list of maintenance schedules.

Cleaning Methods

Technicians typically offer a fast and simple fuel injector service that flushes a cleaning solution through the injectors as they remain mounted on the engine. There is a much more costly and thorough process for heavily clogged injectors. It calls for the removal of the injectors to allow them to be cleaned by a special machine.

Clogging and Effects

As years and miles are added to your car, deposits will accumulate, and fuel injectors will no longer be capable of providing a fine mist of fuel, lowering efficiency and performance. When this occurs, you’ll probably notice poor engine performance and decreased fuel economy.

Gasoline Quality

The kind of gasoline your car uses also plays an important role. According to EPA regulations, gasoline of every octane must contain detergents to prevent the buildup of varnish, carbon deposits, and other residue within the fuel system. However, the different brands of fuel may not have the same quality and/or volume of detergent.  Less expensive brands typically have the minimum required. In contrast, the better brands will contain more, leading carmakers to recommend them.

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

Growing in usage, GDI is a more complex fuel injection system that provides gasoline at higher pressures. Unfortunately, a number of GDI systems are more vulnerable to clogging than standard fuel injection. As a result, some automakers have made the recommendation to consumers who have purchased their vehicles to periodically pour an approved fuel system cleaner into their gas tanks if they aren’t using a high-quality brand of gas regularly.

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