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Written by Jessica Golden

Doing a Wheel Alignment for Your Vintage Car

Basically, a wheel alignment involves the adjustment of a car’s wheels to make them perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. The desired outcomes after making these wheel adjustments is maximizing the service lives of your tires and ensuring a car can track and hold straight while driving.

Vintage Car Concerns

If you have a vintage car, there may be age-related issues to be concerned with when you get a wheel alignment. This is natural for older vehicles, and the items below may be discovered by a mechanic who is performing an inspection for an alignment.

  • Bent strut or faulty strut tower
  • Bent or worn tie-rods or tie rod ends
  • Leaking or worn shocks or struts
  • Rusting on mounting bracket areas to the unibody
  • Steering system wear and leaks
  • Worn ball joints
  • Worn upper and lower control arm bushings

Unrelated Issues

Owners who say their car is pulling to one side while driving should be aware that the cause may not be due to poor alignment. The problem can be related to brakes and rotors, faulty power steering, and rack and pinion issues. Roads can also have grooves and uneven surfaces that cause pulling. In any case, do not hesitate to discuss handling issues with a technician before inspection.

Before the Alignment 

Every wheel alignment should start and finish with a test drive by the technician. The process should include inspecting a vintage vehicle’s front end and steering linkage for wear and tear prior to the alignment process.

Tires should be inspected, ensuring they are all the proper size. Prior to having an alignment performed you should already have four tires that are in good condition with even wear and the correct air pressure. If an alignment is performed with just a single tire in poor condition, you will be wasting your dollars.

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