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Written by Jessica Golden

Don’t Miss These Eight Symptoms of Faulty Brakes – Part 1

Servicing your car’s brakes is a regular maintenance requirement you should not neglect. As with any component, every brake part has a maximum service life, and it will eventually have to be replaced for the entire system to properly function.

The brake system is probably the most important safety feature of a vehicle. When any of the eight symptoms discussed below become noticeable, get a certified mechanic to perform an inspection. Putting off necessary servicing can result in more expensive repairs. Your vehicle may also be unsafe to drive until the brake system issues are fixed.

Strongly consider an independent automotive service facility to take care of your cars for better value and more personalized service.

1) Activated Brake System Lights

If either the red or yellow light brake system indicator is activated in the dashboard, your car is probably due to have an inspection. There also could be a problem that needs to be addressed. However, the red light could also be on because the parking brake is engaged, and it simply needs to be released.

2) Bumpy Braking

Bumpy braking could be the result of damaged brake components because of the incorrect installation of lug nuts on a wheel. This causes a rotor to wear prematurely and unevenly.

3) Grinding Sound

Occasionally there will be a grinding sound and vibration that can be sensed on the brake pedal. This can indicate a minor issue such as gravel or rock trapped in the caliper unit. However, grinding can also indicate brake pads that have completely worn through. As a result, metal will grind metal, creating damaging and costly grooves in the brake rotor. There also can be insufficient lubrication in the rear drum brakes. The brake shoe could be scraping the backing plate because of rust.

Part 2 will discuss five more symptoms of faulty brakes.

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