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Written by Jessica Golden

Facts to Know About Car Fluid Leaks – Part 1

Vehicles depend on various fluids for power, temperature control, hydraulics, and lubrication. Unfortunately, we occasionally discover these fluids as spots or puddles beneath our cars. Particular leaks will need to be addressed immediately and repaired. Others will not be as important. This article will discuss the facts that you need to know about a car’s fluids leaks.

Types of Fluid Leaks

Although you may assume that the liquid underneath your car is either oil or gas, there are numerous other possibilities as listed below.

Antifreeze – Also known as coolant, this liquid will be green, orange or pink. The liquid smells sweet and is quite sticky, and it is one of the most common car leaks.

Brake Fluid – This is an oily liquid, and its color can range from brown to yellow. In the majority of modern cars, brake fluid leaks are very unusual.

Engine Oil – Determined by the age of the oil, the spots underneath your car’s engine will range from light brown to dark yellow. The odor will be similar to burnt rubber.

Gasoline – If you’re standing outside your car and it smells like a gas station, it is likely to be leaking gasoline. If you find a puddle close to the rear, it may be a sign of a defective fuel tank. If the puddle is close to the front of the car, it may indicate a faulty fuel pump.

Power Steering Fluid – Appearing reddish, power steering fluid leaks will have an effect on the handling of your vehicle. For example, sharp turns may be harder to execute.

Transmission Fluid – Similar to power steering fluid, transmission fluid will be reddish in color. Transmission leaks are commonly found beneath the front or mid section of a car.

Water – A steady water leak underneath a vehicle will come from the climate control system.

How serious a fluid leak is will depend on the type of fluid that is leaking. Being able to identify the fluid will let you know if the car needs repair immediately or if servicing can wait.

Part 2 will discuss Typical Indicators and Possible Dangers.

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