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Written by Jessica Golden

Facts to Know About Car Fluid Leaks – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, vehicles depend on various fluids for power, temperature control, hydraulics, and lubrication. Part 2 will discuss Typical Indicators and Possible Dangers.

Typical Indicators

Dripping, puddles, and spots are typical indicators of leaking. However, not every leak can be seen right away. If you believe there is a leak present, but you haven’t seen the signs, you can inspect the car’s fluid reservoirs. When a dashboard gauge frequently indicates the need to replenish a fluid, it may be the sign of a leak.

Some car owners place a covering beneath their car for several hours to determine the presence of a leak. However, it is much safer to bring your vehicle to a service facility, especially if the leaking fluid smells like gasoline.

Possible Dangers

Antifreeze – Insufficient coolant will prevent your engine from performing within the proper operating temperature range. Your instrument panel will indicate if your car engine is overheating. If so, it will eventually fail and will be very costly to repair.

Brake Fluid – Inadequate brake fluid levels will result in a safety hazard. Leaking brake fluid may cause a sudden drop in fluid pressure, resulting in brakes failing. If a leak is suspected, call a towing service to bring your car to a service facility.

Engine Oil – Insufficient engine oil will cause internal engine parts to not be adequately lubricated, causing the engine to overheat and fail, which is a very costly repair job.

Gasoline – Gas is recognizable by its smell, and it can be very dangerous. Work with a certified mechanic as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and repair the problem immediately.

Power Steering Fluid – Inadequate power steering fluid will cause steering to be much harder, which may lead to dangerous situations while driving. This problem should be addressed as soon as possible by trained technicians.

Transmission Fluid – When the car does not feel normal while shifting gears, the cause may well be insufficient transmission fluid. If this problem is not addressed soon enough, the transmission may be seriously damaged, and the repair will be very costly.

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