Four of Winter’s Common Vehicle Issues

Four of Winter’s Common Vehicle Issues

Tune-up, Engine Repair, HelpNow that it’s the middle of winter, it’s wise to bring your vehicle in for all the scheduled services you’ve been putting off. Whether your car needs an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, or any other important maintenance, also request a general inspection to cover all the bases.

Certified mechanics at an independent service facility can diagnose any issues that need urgent repair, so you and your family aren’t stranded on a snowy and icy freeway in the middle of the night. The following discusses four of winter’s common vehicle issues you should keep an eye on.


A car battery can become sluggish during the colder months, especially if it does not have much service life left. Garage your car if possible during the winter, so the battery can be as warm as possible for those cold morning starts. Store jumper cables in the trunk, along with an emergency kit, to be better prepared in case of a dead battery.


When temperatures dip, tire pressure decreases. Every drop of 10 degrees results in a loss of one PSI (pounds per square inch). Poor tire inflation means less surface contact and traction, which impacts driving safety and handling. This becomes even more critical when ice or snow is present on the road. Have a pressure gauge handy for checking tire pressure at every fill up.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid thickens when temperatures approach freezing. Your car’s transmission may not work properly when this happens. One way to prevent this is by warming up the engine before putting the car in gear. In addition, take it easy driving during the first ten minutes. When you get an inspection, verify that your car’s transmission has the manufacturer’s recommended type of fluid.

Windshield Wipers

When temperatures are 32 degrees or below, windshield wiper fluid can freeze in its tank and using it will put ice on your windshield, compromising visibility and safety. When snow begins falling heavily on your parked car, tilt the wipers up so frozen water does not form around them, causing them to break. Have your worn out wiper blades replaced because keeping your windshield clear, especially at night, promotes driving safety.

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