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Written by Jessica Golden

Get Your Car Ready for Spring Driving

Your car has just gone through winter after you got it ready for the colder months. Well, warmer days are ahead, and you will need to prepare your vehicle for spring driving. The beginning of spring will require several services to ensure your car will perform properly and safely during the season. Below is a spring maintenance list that automotive experts recommend.

Change From Winter Tires

If you put on winter or snow tires on your car, it will be time to switch to tires made for warmer weather. They will have a better grip on the road when the road surfaces get hot from a sunny day or slick from spring showers.

Inspect Belts & Hoses

Winter can age a vehicle’s belts and hoses, so have them inspected. Belt wear and tear will force a vehicle to exert more effort, resulting in increased strain on the engine and decreased fuel economy. Hoses worn out by winter weather may eventually leak fluids, leaving you stranded.

Oil Change

Change the oil and filter your car used during winter by switching to oil that the manufacturer recommends for warmer weather. This will ensure your car’s engine will perform properly during the spring.


Winter can be a rough on a car, so get a tune-up when spring begins. Ask a certified technician to inspect the major systems of your vehicle, which are the engine, fuel, exhaust, cooling, lubrication, electrical, transmission, and chassis.

Undercarriage Cleaning

If you drive in a region where it snows regularly and road crews use salt to melt ice, your car will probably have salt and grime buildup on the undercarriage. Leaving it there will eventually cause corrosion and damage. Make sure to get the underbody and wheel wells thoroughly cleaned by a professional when winter ends.

Wiper Blade Replacement

The ice, snow, and sleet of winter have put a lot of wear and tear on your wiper blades. It’s a good idea to replace them with new ones that will be able to handle the showers that will come during spring, so you will have the visibility needed for safe driving.

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