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Written by Jessica Golden

Get Your Cooling System Flushed for Summer


Car Repair ShopThe best way to get your car’s cooling system ready for the long days of summer is to ask your certified mechanic for a scheduled radiator flush. Doing this before driving up a mountain to your fishing cabin or down to a beach house in 90-degree temperatures will help ensure that your vehicle doesn’t overheat and leave you stranded on the way to your long-awaited summer vacation.

Radiator Flush Basics

A radiator flush pumps four to five gallons of anti-freeze through a car’s cooling system. This process forces out the old anti-freeze and ensures none of it remains. This process is more thorough than just draining the cooling, which will leave half the old anti-freeze, along with contaminants, inside. If left this way, new anti-freeze will mix with harmful remnants, and your cooling system will not operate as efficiently as possible. Below are the benefits of this regular maintenance:

Rust and Scale Deposit Removal

As your car’s mileage adds up, there will be a buildup of deposits such as scale and rust inside its cooling system. These deposits prevent the optimum functioning of a vehicle’s cooling system, including the radiator. When an experienced and certified mechanic performs a professional radiator flush, harmful buildup will be ejected from your car’s cooling system.

Lubrication of the Water Pump

Regular radiator flushes give a car’s water pump a longer lifespan because the additives contained in new coolant serve as a protective lubricant. In addition, a reliable and durable water pump will save you money on top of preventing your vehicle from overheating.

Rust and Foam Protection

There are beneficial additives in new anti-freeze that are used to prevent buildup like rusting and scaling. Also included is an anti-foaming agent that helps a cooling system work as efficiently as possible.

Contaminant Removal

A professional radiator flush will rid the cooling system of old anti-freeze and other contaminants mixed with it. As time passes, anti-corrosive properties contained in coolant additives will lose effectiveness and allow the harmful buildup mentioned before.

Cooling System Maintenance

To prevent engine overheating and radiator damage, your car’s manufacturer will recommend service intervals for flushing the cooling system.  A certified mechanic will check for system leaks by performing pressure tests during a comprehensive cooling system inspection.

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