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Written by Jessica Golden

Headlight Replacement for Your European Car

Car headlights are certainly required for safety. Absolutely crucial for driving at night, during storms, and any time when visibility is severely limited by conditions like fog. They allow drivers to see what is ahead of them on the road, so they can properly maneuver or stop when needed.

You may not be aware that headlights undergo wear and tear besides the occasional burnt-out bulb. As a car’s mileage accumulates, its headlights will gradually be covered by a grimy build up from the elements, dirt, dust, bugs, and pollutants. Your European car won’t be immune from this condition, and it may be time to replace its headlights.

Maintenance and Replacement Tips

When you fill up at a gas station, you should also clean your headlights while you are cleaning your windshields and windows. The removal of oil, dirt, and dead insects will have a significant impact on the service lives of your headlights.

For the replacement of both bulbs and headlights, it is a good idea to have a certified technician change them in pairs. Simultaneously doing both of them helps ensure you get even and consistent illumination. In addition, you should upgrade from yellowy halogen bulbs to high-performance white bulbs for better night visibility.

It is not necessary to wait until bulbs are burned out before they are replaced. As with every headlight, its bulbs gradually dim as time passes. It is far safer to have them replaced, anticipating the end of their service lives, than to wait until they die. Driving with only one headlight at night or during bad weather compromises safety 

When you take your car to a trusted service facility for regularly scheduled maintenance, ask the mechanic to check your headlights as part of the service. The technician will perform an inspection, ensuring they are functioning properly and are properly aligned. You may have noticed that one light was pointing higher than the other when you drove into your garage at night.

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