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Written by Jessica Golden

How Winter Can Hurt Your Car Five Ways

Certified mechanics often say that very cold weather can damage vehicles. Below discusses how winter can hurt your car in four different ways.

Battery Dies

During the dead of winter it is a common occurrence when vehicles have to be towed to a service facility. Very low temperatures force the battery to spend more effort to start the car due to its capacity becoming decreased in subzero conditions.

Car owners who have batteries between three to four years old should purchase a new one. They can also request a capacity check from a service technician to make sure the battery will work when it is very cold.


Condensation collects on a car’s plastic and metal parts when going from warm to cold temperatures in winter. When this condensation becomes water, it will turn to ice when the temperature is at freezing or below. When ice forms in the braking, engine transmission, and power steering systems, leaks can result because fluids cannot flow freely. Experts recommend fluid flush services.

Road Salt

Road salt can attach to a vehicle’s metal parts. If allowed to stay, the parts will suffer corrosion. This is mostly true on the brakes, undercarriage, and wheel wells.
Experienced service technicians recommend frequent car washes during wintertime to get rid of salt. This should be done a minimum of once a month for the car’s undercarriage.

Tire Pressure Fluctuation

When there are very cold temperatures, the pressure of your tires can fluctuate widely. It will drop when the car is at a stop and then rise when the car is in motion. As a result, the tire pressure warning light will be often activated during wintertime. Incorrect tire pressure for an extended period will result in uneven wear and shorter service life.

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