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Written by Jessica Golden

Keep Your Car Strutting with Good Struts – Part 1

Car Repair Shop,Annapolis MDShocks and struts are automotive terms that are used interchangeably. Their tasks are somewhat the same, which is to dampen the movements of the coil springs and halt the oscillation and bouncing of a vehicle. Although they have similar jobs, shocks and struts are two totally different vehicle components. They are not interchangeable.

A car’s wheel will be equipped with either a shock or a strut, never both. However, some cars will be equipped with shocks on the rear axle and struts on the front. Shocks and struts are primarily differentiated in one way. While a strut is a structural component of a car’s suspension system, a shock is not.

A strut is also an important part of the steering system and significantly influences control, riding comfort, braking, and wheel alignment. Both caster and camber angles are typically adjusted on the strut itself. Moreover, a strut acts as a pivot point for the car’s steering system. As a result, an alignment is necessary every time a strut is replaced, which is part of the reason they cost more than shocks.

Frequency of Replacement

Typically, car manufacturers advise the replacement of struts after 50,000 miles. However, confirm the recommended service interval for the make and model of your vehicle. The suspension system should be given a thorough inspection by a certified mechanic annually. Struts should also be examined when there is a wheel alignment. In normal conditions, the strut’s gradual wear and tear will not be noticeable in terms of the deterioration of ride quality, handling, or control.

Part 2 will cover worn-out strut symptoms and cost of replacement.

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