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Written by Jessica Golden

Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Shape During Winter

Auto Alignments, Front-End AlignmentsWe are now entering the last part of winter, and our cars have been taking a beating from snow, ice, and sleet the last couple of months. The following are five tips for keeping our vehicles in good shape for the rest of the season.


Car batteries can be severely affected by temperatures that hover around or are below freezing. The frigid air decreases cranking power. For example, a battery at 0° Fahrenheit possesses approximately only 50% of the cranking power when it is 80° Fahrenheit. Bring your battery to a service facility and have it tested. The technician will know if it needs charging or a replacement. This may save you from being stranded during a blizzard because your battery is dead or dying.


The days are shorter and nights longer during winter, and so it is crucial that your headlights are working properly. You may notice that they are out of alignment by not pointing directly ahead. Have a certified mechanic take a look and check if they need to be adjusted. This will help keep you and other drivers safe in the dark.

Heater & Air Conditioner

Heaters also play an important role in good visibility by providing warm air that will defrost a car’s windshield. For the prevention of fogging, turn on the air conditioner at a comfortable temperature so it will dehumidify the air in the vehicle’s interior.


Cold temperatures can cause your engine oil to thicken, and this will make it more of a challenge to start your car. Talk to a certified mechanic about whether or not you have the right oil for winter. For the colder months, multi-viscosity oil rated “W” on the viscosity index may be right for your car. Depending on their model, car manufacturers recommend 5W-20, 5W-30, or 10W-30, which function well at low temperatures.

Wiper Blades

Effective wiper blades mean good visibility, which promotes driving safety that can be especially critical during winter. Even high-quality wiper blades begin losing their resiliency within half a year. They deteriorate even more rapidly if they have to deal with winter weather, along with salt from the road. If your wiper blades are streaking or missing areas of the windshield, it is time for replacement.

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