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Misfiring and Ignition System Causes

  Car mechanic , car services, repairThe ignition system ignites fuel inside the engine combustion chambers. When the system is functioning improperly, there will be misfires on one or more cylinders. The ignition system is gradually damaged by these misfires, which sometimes go unnoticed. An indicator may be an activated check engine light, but the car owner may not associate this with misfiring until it is diagnosed by a service technician. The following are potential causes of an engine misfiring.

Damaged Spark Plugs

Due to electricity, extremely high temperatures, and constant vibration, spark plugs can be damaged over time. Exposure to these conditions will eventually cause the ceramic insulator at the spark plug’s base to crack or break, resulting in misfires.

Dirty Spark Plugs

Oil or carbon deposits may cause a spark plug to function improperly, and this will result in misfires. Keep in mind that this is not an issue regarding the ignition system. A knowledgeable certified mechanic will be able to diagnose the root cause of the buildup of oil or carbon and recommend the appropriate repair.

Damaged or Faulty Wires

Damaged or faulty spark plug wires may be the reason an engine is misfiring. When the insulation of a spark plug wire is compromised, the bare wire may make contact with a metallic engine component and cause an electrical short, resulting in a misfire. A break of the spark plug wire internally may also cause a misfire because the electrical charge will not be able to reach the spark plug.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

Worn out spark plugs have electrodes that have become too short to provide a spark powerful enough for a proper ignition. As this deterioration occurs gradually, spark plugs require regular replacement as recommended by the manufacturer. When the wear is significant, a sparkplug will not be able to ignite, which causes misfires.

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