Auto Alignments, Front-End Alignments
Written by Jessica Golden

Prioritize Wheel Alignments for Winter

Auto Alignments, Front-End AlignmentsAs a conscientious car owner, you probably know how important winter tires are and how much they improve vehicle handling and safety when temperatures drop below 45 degrees. You may not have noticed but rental cars are equipped with winter tires in snowy regions. The rental car companies want to make driving as safe as possible, so their cars are not damaged by accidents that cost time and money. However, there is another service that should be prioritized for the winter season.

Wheel Alignment

Often overlooked, performing a wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of a vehicle’s winter maintenance schedule. Experts recommend having a vehicle’s alignment inspected every time there is a change of tires from summer to winter or winter to summer. The vehicle should be checked for alignment concerns at each tire rotation, which should be performed every 6,000 to 10,000 miles.

The following are the top three reasons for checking and performing wheel alignments:

Minimize Wear & Tear

When wheels are out of alignment, the suspension and tires bear the brunt of the added strain on a vehicle. The soft rubber of winter tires will wear faster than both all-season and summer tires. Proper alignment results in longer service lives for tires, saving money in the long run.

Efficient Driving

An improper alignment will make a vehicle inefficient. Rather than travelling straight, the car will veer. In addition to more difficult steering, a poor alignment will result in greater fuel consumption and a loss of power.

Safety & Better Handling

When there is snow and/or ice on the road surface, driving a vehicle that is properly aligned will be safer. Poorly-aligned wheels make a car inherently more dangerous to drive.

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