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Written by Jessica Golden

Protect Your Brakes During Winter for Safety

Although salt is great for dissipating and eventually melting ice off of road surfaces, it is often harmful to your car. Salt is extremely corrosive and can do damage to chief components like the braking system, which is the most important safety feature. This article will discuss the ways that can help make sure your car’s brakes are properly functioning during winter while you are driving on snow-covered and icy surfaces.

Monitoring the Braking System

For the colder months, monitoring the braking system of your car involves regularly inspecting brakes for indications of harmful wear or damage. When you are travelling over roads covered with ice and snow, grime, dirt, debris, and rocks can accumulate quickly beneath your vehicle. If allowed to remain, this buildup can have a harmful effect on the key components of your car’s braking system as listed below:

• Calipers
• Hoses
• Lines
• Pads
• Rotors
• Shoes

Make sure to have a certified technician perform regular inspections of these items to catch problems early and prevent more expensive repairs.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Another important aspect of the braking system to keep an eye on is the brake fluid level. When there is enough corrosion on brake lines, they may leak and result in brake failure. When you spot leaks or if it feels different when you step on the brake pedal, have your car inspected right away.

Emergency Brake

Another component that can be affected by winter debris buildup is the emergency brake. Debris and salt can accumulate and result in the brake getting stuck and failing. If this occurs, repair it immediately to remain safe.

Undercarriage Wash

If you have been driving on salted roads, you can minimize the corrosive effects by getting a car wash that rinses off the undercarriage, the wheel wells, along with your car. This will help prevent problems in the braking systems and help keep rust away.

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