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Written by Jessica Golden

Radiator Maintenance & Repair Basics – Part 1

Car Repair Shop,Annapolis MDEssentially, a car radiator prevents the overheating of an engine. As a running engine generates very high temperatures, coolant is needed to run through it to aid in the removal of excess heat. Afterwards, this liquid passes through the radiator for cooling, and then it is re-circulated through the engine for the repetition of the heat removal process.

There are two tanks within the radiator connected with tubes made of aluminum or brass. When the coolant runs through these tubes, a thermostat activates the radiator fan, which blows air over them for lowering of temperature. Typically, these tanks are manufactured from plastic, and so they can crack, leaking coolant. When this occurs, there’s a likelihood of an engine overheating and being damaged.

Also commonplace, the clogging of a radiator will restrict the adequate flow of coolant running through the engine. If not addressed, this condition will worsen and eventually lead to the overheating of the engine and result in damage.

Benefits of Healthy Radiator

Aside from preventing damage, a healthy car radiator provides several benefits, including good engine condition over its lifetime. A good radiator also ensures that the water pump has the lubrication and protection it requires. When properly cooled, an engine will operate optimally. The heater core, which allows interior car heating, will be protected. A healthy radiator will also prevent winter freezing or summer overheating of an engine. There will also be a decrease in engine corrosion. The chances of a blown head gasket will also be greatly reduced.

Regular Maintenance

A radiator will be kept in good shape by performing the regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Ensuring proper coolant level is important. A radiator flush at the scheduled intervals will remove contaminants and build up in the system. Servicing the radiator is much cheaper than replacing one.

Part 2 will discuss radiator replacement.

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