Brakes, Car Maintenance
Written by Jessica Golden

Servicing Your Vehicle’s ABS Brakes

Brakes, Car MaintenanceStandard on vehicles for more than three decades, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) give drivers more power for stopping, especially on roads with bad traction. The brake system is the most important safety feature of every car, and it should be serviced regularly as the manufacturer recommends. The following discusses ABS brakes and servicing. Stop by a reputable and local independent automotive service facility for better value and personalized service.

ABS Overview

When sudden hard braking occurs, a car’s ABS brakes prevent its wheels from locking up, which would result in loss of control. ABS brakes give drivers the ability to stop their vehicles in the shortest distance while maintaining control. ABS oversees each wheel’s speed and ensures all are running at the same speed by adjusting the brake pressure of each wheel. When there is a sudden stop, a driver can feel the brake pedal pulsating.

General Maintenance

ABS uses the car’s computer, hydraulic and electrical systems to perform. Maintaining proper fluid levels and ensuring gaskets and seals are in good condition is also important. In addition, the system voltage and processors should be tested regularly to determine whether or not there are any faulty components. To make sure the ABS is properly functioning, the car manufacturer’s recommended inspection and maintenance schedule should be followed.

Sensor Servicing

A critical ABS component, the sensor of each wheel that monitors its speed, should be cleaned as the manufacturer recommends. When coated by road grime, dirt, or oil, a sensor may not function properly, decreasing ABS performance.

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