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Written by Jessica Golden

Should You Check Your Car’s Battery Before Winter?

Auto Alignments,Car Repair HelpIf you don’t want to be stranded in the cold because your battery is dead, you should check your car’s battery before winter. Without a charged battery and functioning electrical system, you will not be able to start or drive your vehicle. An established independent automotive services facility will be able to provide battery testing, electrical inspections, and new battery installation that this article will discuss.

Battery and Electrical System Testing

If you suspect a battery issue and want to charge it or need to jump start your vehicle, always follow the instructions in you owners manual for doing so. Improper charging or jump starting can lead to damaging other vital components and/or modules. This is a costly mistake that can be avoided by following the manufacturer’s instructions or calling a professional to do it for you. If you cannot easily access the battery, there may be a reason why.

Trained technicians can analyze a battery’s condition, estimating its remaining service life, ability to hold a charge, and high and low temperature thresholds before failing.

A vehicle’s battery and electrical system function together, and both depend on each other to run well. The battery provides the ability to start the car’s engine, and its electronics keep an engine moving and provide the electrical current charging the battery. This makes a regular comprehensive electrical system checkup essential for car maintenance, and it should include the three items below.

Alternator – The alternator will be checked to ensure it is generating the correct amount of current and voltage that will allow a car’s battery to stay charged and the electrical systems working as required.

Battery – Proper voltage output will be verified because a dead or weak battery may result in major damage to electrical system components, such as starters and alternators.

Starter – The technicians will verify whether or not the engine starter is drawing the correct amount of electricity from the battery. They will also verify that the battery is capable of handling the electrical load provided by the starter.

Battery Charging Testing

A trained technician will perform tests with battery charging and load testing diagnostic equipment. If data shows that a car’s battery is no longer meeting OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, it can be replaced in a relatively short period of time depending on the vehicle manufacturer.

New Battery Installation

Attention to detail is important, and so the battery bolts, cables, terminals, tray, etc. should be checked. A technician will verify that electrical current is provided to a vehicle’s computers, ECU (engine control unit), and electronics. The OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) should be 12.5 volts or higher prior to installation. The old battery will be properly recycled to protect the environment.

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