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Alignment Settings for Classic Car’s Front Suspension – Part 2

Auto Alignments, Front-End AlignmentsAs discussed in Part 1, front end alignments should be routine for your car, but many of us aren’t aware how their settings affect handling. Part 2 will cover the Camber and Toe settings for classic cars. Bring your vintage vehicle to a reputable independent auto service facility, where you will get better value and more personalized service.


This is the angle of wheels as seen from the front. A negative camber is an inward angle or lean of the top of the wheel. Positive camber is an outward angle or lean. A negative camber is typically preferred because it will provide counteracting forces to the suspension’s tendency to lift the contact patch off the ground as the car corners in a turn.

This setting’s most significant effect is on a vehicle’s ability to maintain front end traction as it corners. Another major effect it has is on the uneven wear of tires. This is due to the inner edges of both front tires bearing larger loads than the outer edges, causing greater wear in that area over time.

Factory settings are typically zero to positive camber to retain understeer. This will give the front end the tendency to wash out or push. Automotive manufacturer’s lawyers prefer this setting because it reduces the likelihood of new drivers spinning out the rear end with an aggressive turn. The overall effects are reduced traction and a vehicle that turns slower.


The toe setting is the angle of the front wheel when seen from above. The front tires can either point inward or outward, and this setting is influenced by a vehicle’s ride height. An automobile travelling fast can undergo significant changes in its toe settings as the front suspension is affected by the forces of aerodynamics. The majority of vehicles have a toe in setting.


Discuss your driving preferences with a technician to help determine the proper settings for the camber, caster, and toe of your car’s front suspension. These factory standards can be gradually fine tuned to attain what is optimum for your vehicle.

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Benefits of Buying New Tires for Summer

Front-End Alignments,car mechanic, car services, Annapolis MDProper maintenance of tires not only extends their service life, it also helps lengthen the lifespan of a vehicle. Keeping tires in good shape also results in long-term savings in car repair and service costs.

You are most likely planning some longer road trips over the summer, which will put more stress on your tires because of the warmer weather. Before the rubber hits the hot asphalt, you should have your tread wear checked. If your tires are worn down, it would be wise to buy a new set before driving to your dream vacation spot.

New tires of higher quality will be an expense, but there are several important benefits that you will get in exchange. Call a local trusted independent automotive service facility for new tires and servicing that is personalized and affordable.

Better Performance

When tires are worn down, you and your car will need to work harder to accelerate, turn or stop. New tires will instantly improve the overall performance of your vehicle in terms of handling because they provide greater traction.

Gas Economy

A car’s gas economy can be negatively impacted by older tires that have uneven tread patterns. Additional effort will be needed to travel over surfaces, turn, speed up or stop, decreasing fuel efficiency. Properly inflated new tires will result in better gas mileage.

Greater Safety

Worn out or damaged tires make it harder to brake quickly, which may lead to an accident that could have been avoided. Tires in bad condition can cause poor handling, swerving, and pulling. When roads are covered with mud, sand, or water, new tires will perform better, increasing safety. For example, hazardous hydroplaning during rainstorms is less likely to happen with new tires.

More Comfort

New tires provide more surface area that maintains contact the road. This results in a smoother, quieter, and comfortable ride in your vehicle. In contrast, rides on older tires are generally rougher, louder, and uncomfortable.

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The Benefits of Using an Independent Auto Service Facility

car maintenance, car repairsGetting your vehicle serviced is a responsibility you will have as long as you own one. Although car manufacturers push car owners to take their cars to their dealerships for maintenance and repairs, oftentimes it is not necessary. Independent facilities can generally meet all your servicing needs. The following will discuss the benefits of using an independent auto service facility.

Less Expensive

Vehicles that are bought from dealerships have warranties. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it’s illegal for dealer to deny warranty coverage if your car had routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. The costs of routine servicing at independent shops are typically considerably lower, saving you a considerable sum over the lifetime of your warranty.

Similar Expertise

A good independent auto service facility will have the same tools and knowledge offered by a dealership garage. They will generally be equipped with the identical software and have access to the same manufacturer service bulletins. Independents will also be able to provide high-quality parts. During the last decade, many independent auto service facilities have achieved a standard of quality comparable to dealerships and remain competitive in terms of feedback from online reviews.

Skilled Technicians

Just as at a dealership, skilled technicians can also be found at independent garages. As a smart consumer, make sure to choose a service facility with certified mechanics. They are required to pass an exam, and their certification must be renewed every five years. In addition, the careers of many mechanics start at dealerships. They then bring their valuable experience, knowledge, and skills to an independent facility.

Personal Attention

It is rare for vehicle owners to have significant interaction with car dealership mechanics. Instead, their only interface is with a service salesperson. In contrast, a car owner tends to build a relationship built on years of great service with the mechanics and staff members of an independent auto service facility. This loyalty typically results in discounts on parts and services.

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Implementing a Fleet Preventive Maintenance Program – Part 1

Car mechanic,Auto Repair,Annapolis MDA preventive maintenance program (PMP) should be implemented by every organization that has a fleet of vehicles. It is essential for the upkeep of every vehicle serving an organization. A PMP typically provides inspection, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication, repair, testing, repair, and parts replacement. The service program for a vehicle will be based on its model year, mileage, engine’s service hours, and fuel consumed.


The reduction of vehicle downtime results in maximum fleet vehicle availability, which is important for every business that depends on transport. In addition, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is the key to extending the service lives of vehicles.

Due to how they are used, certain types of vehicles are more likely to break down frequently and also need costly repairs, and a PMP is the primary method for alleviating this problem.

Obviously, a vehicle that is out of service will affect the bottom line. The greater the number of fleet vehicles that are out of commission, the greater impact on customer service and profitability.

Neglecting preventive maintenance can also result in vehicles that are less safe. This may result in an increased number of accidents and injuries, which will take affected vehicles and drivers out of service and perhaps drive up insurance rates.

Legal Liability

A solid PMP will help decrease liability and discourage lawsuits for negligence regarding maintenance. In instances where fleet vehicles became unsafe due to neglected repair or maintenance, management may be held liable. This “negligent entrustment” occurs when an employee is provided a dangerous vehicle when there was knowledge that the vehicle was unsafe to operate and presented an unreasonable risk of harm to others.

For example, if it is determined that brakes failed due to poor maintenance which caused an accident resulting in injury or fatality, authorities can seek a subpoena to obtain vehicle maintenance records. If it is found the organization did not perform reasonable preventive maintenance, there could be prosecutions for criminal negligence.

Part 2 will discuss Preventive Maintenance Methods and Implementing an Effective PMP.

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