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Top Eight Vehicle Services for New Drivers – Part 1

Import ,Repair, Annapolis MDIf you are a new driver, typically a teenager, you are probably driving a used car. Since it may be several years old and has higher mileage, you will have to work harder to make sure your ride is in good shape. It will be worth it in the long run because you will have a more reliable car. Your hard-earned money should also not be spent on expensive repairs that would not have been necessary if you had done the scheduled or necessary maintenance. Part 1 will cover the first four of the eight most important services for your vehicle.

Air Filter

The air filter cleans the air flowing into an engine of harmful particles. Eventually, the element will be so clogged, there will be a severe reduction of airflow, forcing the engine to work much harder and causing inefficiency that hurts fuel economy.

In addition, particles that are allowed to pass through by the compromised air filter will harm the engine, resulting in repairs and shortened service life. Car makers typically recommend replacing the air filter regular mileage intervals. Check your owners manual for recommendations. also make sure to check for special circumstances. If you drive on dirt roads or in heavy/city traffic often, it is recommended that the air filter be replaced more frequently.


The lifespan of most car batteries is three to five years. However, service life can be shortened by tough driving conditions and extreme temperatures. When a battery becomes three years of age, start scheduling tests of its charge. Poor results will let you know that the battery is dying and should be replaced. You will avoid being stranded because you are unable to start the car and needing to pay both for a tow and a new battery. Aside from providing dependability, a battery in good condition will allow more efficient functioning of your car. Make sure to unplug battery draining chargers when the vehicle not in use. Just because your device isn’t attached to it, doesn’t mean it’s not still drawing power for your car.

Brake Pads

As brakes are applied, its pads undergo tremendous levels of friction. They are the only barrier separating the braking mechanism from the rotor. Frequent sudden stopping will wear them down more heavily and rapidly, so it is both safer and wiser to begin slowing down well before reaching a stop. Reducing speeds prior to braking will be more fuel efficient and extend the lifespan of brake pads, saving you money.

Once brake pads are very thin, they will may make noise or the low pad warning indicator may come on the dash. This is a sure sign you need new ones as soon as possible. Depending on the make, model and mileage, the rotors may need to be replaced as well.

Hoses & Belts

It is normal that a running engine will generate high temperatures. A vehicle cooling system in good condition will be able to maintaining the proper temperature and prevent overheating. However, as the miles pass, cooling system components will experience normal wear and tear. Hoses and belts will eventually dry, crack, and break. Hoses carry important fluids from part to part. Belts transfer rotational energy from one powered component to another that needs power so it can function. Broken hoses or belts may result in significant engine damage and costly repair services. It is a good idea to ask for an inspection of belts and hoses every time there is a regularly scheduled maintenance.

Part 2 will cover the topics of Oil Services, Spark Plugs, Tires, and Wiper Blades.

Last Advice

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Service Your Braking System for Safety

 Engine Repair, Help,Annapolis MDThe most critical safety feature of any vehicle is its braking system. Yearly maintenance performed by certified mechanics will ensure that your brakes are working properly for safe driving. Regular maintenance also prevents expensive repairs caused by neglect. As the miles add up, the parts composing your car’s braking system will inevitably have to be replaced because of normal wear and tear. That’s why following your car manufacturer’s recommendations for regular servicing of your brakes is a priority.

Most Common Brake Service

With each press of the brake pedal to slow or stop, the energy from a vehicle’s movement will be transformed into heat, causing the linings of shoes or brake pads to gradually wear down to a point where they can no longer be used effectively or safely. As a result, replacing shoes or brakes pads is the most common service for the braking system. Its frequency will be determined by the kind of driving you do. City driving will require more frequent slowing and stopping than long commutes on a freeway or other open road.

Warning Signs

Your braking system will give warning signs that, if heeded, will give you enough time to take preventive measures prior to the failure of a component or avoidable damage. Using your senses of sight, touch, and sound may be the best way to detect problems in your brakes as listed below:

  • When you are driving, does the warning light of your car’s braking system go on?
  • Are you experiencing steer or pull of your car to one side while applying brakes?
  • Are there grinding or squealing sounds when you press on the brakes?
  • When you depress the brake pedal, does it feel spongy or is there pulsing?

If you are experiencing any of the above, it is best to immediately seek the services of a certified mechanic and request an inspection of your braking system. Not only are you ensuring the safety of you and your passengers, but you will be saving time and money.

Make an appointment with us here at Chesapeake Import Services and let us inspect and service your car’s braking system. We will be very happy to see you. Call us at (410) 267-8411.