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Written by Jessica Golden

The Benefits of Using an Independent Auto Service Facility

car maintenance, car repairsGetting your vehicle serviced is a responsibility you will have as long as you own one. Although car manufacturers push car owners to take their cars to their dealerships for maintenance and repairs, oftentimes it is not necessary. Independent facilities can generally meet all your servicing needs. The following will discuss the benefits of using an independent auto service facility.

Less Expensive

Vehicles that are bought from dealerships have warranties. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it’s illegal for dealer to deny warranty coverage if your car had routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. The costs of routine servicing at independent shops are typically considerably lower, saving you a considerable sum over the lifetime of your warranty.

Similar Expertise

A good independent auto service facility will have the same tools and knowledge offered by a dealership garage. They will generally be equipped with the identical software and have access to the same manufacturer service bulletins. Independents will also be able to provide high-quality parts. During the last decade, many independent auto service facilities have achieved a standard of quality comparable to dealerships and remain competitive in terms of feedback from online reviews.

Skilled Technicians

Just as at a dealership, skilled technicians can also be found at independent garages. As a smart consumer, make sure to choose a service facility with certified mechanics. They are required to pass an exam, and their certification must be renewed every five years. In addition, the careers of many mechanics start at dealerships. They then bring their valuable experience, knowledge, and skills to an independent facility.

Personal Attention

It is rare for vehicle owners to have significant interaction with car dealership mechanics. Instead, their only interface is with a service salesperson. In contrast, a car owner tends to build a relationship built on years of great service with the mechanics and staff members of an independent auto service facility. This loyalty typically results in discounts on parts and services.

For Great Service

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Written by Jessica Golden

Independent Auto Repair Facility Myths

Misconceptions regarding independent auto repair facilities are spread by films and television shows. They are then repeated by family or friends. Even though they are owned and staffed by mostly honest and hardworking people, automotive repair shops are one of the most distrusted businesses. The following discusses the most prevalent myths and how they match up with reality.

Dealership Service Superior

Many car owners assume that dealership service is superior to independent facilities because of their affiliation to the manufacturer. However, dealerships are often franchised, and the quality of work can vary greatly from location to location. For the same reason, customer service at dealerships can range from friendly to impersonal. In contrast, independent repair facilities must take pride in ownership to prosper. Their standards for quality and service must be high to remain competitive.

Dishonest Practices

Like most successful business models, automotive repair revolves around the making and keeping of long-term relationships with customers. Independent repair facilities succeed at this by building trust through providing great service at a high value consistently. This combination results in return customers and excellent word of mouth, which in turn generates new clients. For the very few who use fraudulent business practices, whether dealership or independent, modern social media will quickly mark them as untrustworthy and to be avoided. A damaged reputation is very difficult to shed.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Voided

Many believe that having an independent service facility perform the required maintenance schedule will void a vehicle’s warranty. However, a warranty can be voided only when a service is not performed at the recommended service interval as stated by the vehicle’s manufacturer in the owner’s manual. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, passed by the U.S. Congress, ensures that car makers cannot compel consumers to use the services of dealerships under threat of voiding a vehicle’s warranty.

Unprofessional Environment

TV shows often portray local garages as being dirty and staffed by foul-talking mechanics stained by grease. The reality is that this industry has matured, and independent repair facilities are proud of creating a professional environment both for their customers and staff, often equal to dealerships. Typically Wi-Fi will be available at clean waiting rooms that provide beverages, snacks, and entertainment. They employ technicians that are highly-qualified. They receive continuous training and work with modern diagnostic equipment and tools.

Last Advice

Chesapeake Import has provided automotive services to Annapolis reputable and trusted  and the surrounding areas since 1991. Call us for an appointment today at (410) 267-8411. We will be very happy to see you.

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Written by Jessica Golden

How to Get Great Car Repair Service – Part 2

Auto Repair, Annapolis MDAs mentioned in Part 1, a car owner can do things to ensure great car repair service. Finding a trusted and experience mechanic is a great start, but it may not be enough. Part 1 covered Read Car Owner’s Manual, Great Record Keeping, Individualized Maintenance, and Mechanic Servicing Costs. Below are the last 4 of 8 tips to help your mechanic help you.

5) Find Right Mechanic

Is your mechanic ASE certified and trained specifically for your vehicle make? Modern vehicles are so complex and possess characteristics unique for each manufacturer. As special tools and particular procedures are often required, confirm your technician has the training for your type of automobile.

6) Choose Independent Service or Dealership

The mechanics and staff at dealerships specialize in one manufacturer’s vehicles, and they receive ongoing training as models upgrade annually. However, dealership service is usually more expensive, and it is not a given they have top technicians.  Independent repair facilities are often founded by former excellent dealership mechanics who wanted to operate their own businesses. In addition, they can offer more personalized services than dealerships. Weigh the pros and cons of each for your individual needs.

7) Beware of Warning Signs

There are now easy ways to pre-evaluate a car service facility. Reviews of shops are now online, and customer feedback is posted. Ratings are commonly done by awarding stars, and so you will know a shop is excellent or poor by the average number. You should also observe the attitude of repair shop staff. Don’t ignore bad behavior.

8) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Ensure genuine OEM components, not generic-manufactured parts, are installed. OEM meets manufacturer specifications crucial to auto performance. Saving money with aftermarket parts is why customers opt out of paying for OEM quality. However, the consumer may later spend more money on repairs because aftermarket parts are more likely to be defective and less durable.

Last Advice

Chesapeake Import Services has provided reputable and trusted services to Annapolis and the surrounding areas since 1991 and currently offer the following benefits:

  • Service specials for both new and returning customers.
  • Courteous, professional management and staff.
  • Large, clean and comfortable waiting area.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Convenient location in the heart of Annapolis.
  • 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor (some exclusions apply).
  • Modern, well-equipped facility utilizing the latest technology and equipment.
  • Prompt, reliable services and quality repairs.
  • Professional and accurate diagnostics for modern vehicle systems.

Call us for an appointment today at (410) 267-8411. We will be very happy to see you.

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Written by Jessica Golden

Finding a Dealership Alternative Right for You

Auto Repair,Annapolis MDWhether you have a brand new car or one with more than 100,000 miles, finding an automotive repair dealership alternative should be considered seriously. Aside from manufacturer recalls, a properly trained and certified independent mechanic can keep a new car’s warranty in effect or service and repair an older car. There are several advantages using an independent repair shop as opposed to a dealership service department.

Less Expensive

You’re probably well aware that dealership facilities are more expensive than independents because they charge more per hour for the work of their mechanics. They also have a greater markup on replacement parts. In addition, dealerships ask their sales teams to push services on customers

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