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Written by Jessica Golden

The Benefits of a Four-Wheel Alignment

car repair services, Annapolis MDIf you have ever noticed your vehicle pulling to the right or left, it may be because of a faulty wheel alignment. This problem can be fixed easily, but it should be done as soon as possible. A proper wheel alignment will result in a smooth and safe ride, as well as lengthening the service life of the tires.

You’ve probably heard service facilities use the terms “Front end” or “four-wheel alignment”. A four-wheel alignment is more common on today’s modern vehicles. The front and rear usually have different specifications and may require the vehicle to be weighted for proper alignment.

Why Alignment Matters

At the time a vehicle is manufactured, its wheels are aligned, tested, adjusted and certified by factory technicians. As a result, a new car should not have any wheel alignment issues. As the miles pass, invariably, the majority of drivers will discover that their vehicle’s wheels will gradually lose alignment.

The primary reason why wheels become misaligned can be attributed to driving conditions. Traveling day after day on a road that has bumps and potholes will eventually affect the alignment. When the same bad road is driven too fast or recklessly daily, the negative effects of misalignment will be magnified and accelerated.

Although wheel alignment problems are initially imperceptible, the wear and tear on tires will eventually be evident. Over time, even a slight misalignment will eventually shorten the lifespan of your tires. The bottom line is that misalignments decrease tire performance, which may become critical in poor weather, quick stops, or sudden maneuvers. In the long run, a car owner that consistently drives on a set of wheels that are misaligned will have to replace the tires at shorter intervals, spending more money over the life of the car.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

  • Longer tire service life
  • Smoother and easier driving
  • Improved fuel economy, saving money
  • Better driving performance
  • Safer car handling


Only a professional inspection at a service facility will determine how much your wheels are out of alignment. Neglecting a misalignment for too long will eventually cause irreparable damage to your tires.

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