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Written by Jessica Golden

Three Important Snow Tire Tips for Winter

Front-End Alignments,car mechanic, car services, Annapolis MDEven if it’s the middle of winter and you’ve been putting it off, it is worth putting on a set of snow tires on your vehicle now. They will increase driving safety dramatically and they will usually last at least three winters. The following lists three important snow tire tips for winter. Stop by an independent service facility for greater value and more personalized service for all your automotive needs.


Made of blended rubber, the treads of snow tires are designed to retain their flexibility in temperatures that are below freezing. Being flexible allows snow tires to have as much traction as possible on roads covered by ice or snow. In contrast, summer tires and all-season tires start losing their grip on the road when temperatures near freezing.


The air pressure of tires actually supports a vehicle’s weight. When the temperature drops 10 degrees, it is estimated a tire will lose approximately one pound per square inch (PSI). For example, a tire that has an air pressure of 36 PSI at 85 degrees will decrease to 30 PSI when the temperature drops to 25 degrees. This makes driving less safe because traction is reduced when tires are underinflated. Constant underinflation also results in poor fuel economy and shorter tire service life.

Tread Depth

For car owners who drive through snow, slush, or sleet, snow tires should be replaced when they have worn down to about 5/32″ of remaining tread depth to retain sound performance.  Additional tread depth results in more traction. If winters are mild and roads are primarily wet with rain, tire replacement can be delayed until there is about 4/32″ of remaining tread depth. Sufficient tread depth promotes safety by decreasing the chances of hydroplaning.

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