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Written by Jessica Golden

Three Typical Fuel System Issues

car mechanic, repair shop, The fuel system of a vehicle provides the storage for and delivery of gasoline or diesel to its engine. A sound fuel system allows a vehicle to start and run well. Keeping every one of its components clean and working properly is important, so your car runs smoothly and dependably. The following will discuss typical fuel system issues that may affect your car.

Defective Fuel Pump

If you are having a difficult time starting your car, there may be a problem with the fuel pump. If the mechanic confirms that the relay which transmits power to the pump is functioning, but the engine is still unable to start, then the fuel pump will require replacement.

Fuel Filter Clogged

Perhaps the issue that occurs most often is a fuel filter that is clogged. This problem will make your auto sputter as it moves fast on the freeway. Your car may not be even able to start. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule for your fuel filter.

Dirty Injectors

Although a fuel filter is for the most part effective, particles and deposits will eventually build up inside injectors, clogging them and resulting in the engine not receiving fuel properly and running poorly. To address this problem, a service technician can provide a cleaning service for your car’s fuel injectors.

Faulty Fuel System Effects

When you find your vehicle accelerating roughly, stalling, or shuddering as it idles, there is probably an issue with its fuel system. Problems with the fuel system will result in loss of power, more engine emissions, and fuel fumes. If you encounter any of these problems, contact an automotive services facility and schedule an inspection.

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