Inspection of all tires including the Spare

We record the Type/Brand, Size, Speed Rating, Condition,Tread Depth, Production Date, Wear Pattern as well as the Tire Pressure when a vehicle is brought into the shop. If needed, they will be adjusted to the proper psi (per square inch) tire pressure. Should your tires need to be repaired or replaced, we will give you the option to have it done at that time, and provide you with an estimate. With all tire installations, we also clean and lube all hubs and perform tire balancing as needed.

Please call 410-267-8411 and ask for Jessica.

Oil Services

Includes draining and filling the engine oil with CASTROL Oils (Full Synthetic every 5000 miles/Synthetic Blend every 3000 miles/High Mileage every 3000 miles) based on the type of vehicle and mileage. We reset service lights if needed* and perform a Courtesy Inspection of the vehicle. We cannot stress how important it is to do your Oil Services more frequently than what is recommended by the manufacturer. This will help prevent major issues in the future.

Following a more frequent oil change schedule will actually save you money by reducing future repair costs.

Should any items listed in the “Courtesy Inspection” need to be addressed, we will provide you with an estimate and a time frame of when such repairs should be done. We will also inform you of when your next “Mileage Interval Service” needs to be addressed based on your mileage at the time of your visit.

Special Services

Walnut Blast Service for Direct Injection System