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Written by Jessica Golden

Top 5 Indicators of Car Electrical Problems – Part 1

 Car Mechanic Annapolis Repair Maintenance A car’s electrical system features components that control many aspects of a car. Fixing problems involving electronics can be a challenge for weekend mechanics. Servicing complex vehicle systems controlled by computers should be left to certified technicians.

The following discusses the top five indicators of car electrical problems. Take your car to an independent automotive service facility for better value and more personalized service.

1) Battery Getting Old

The heart of a car’s electrical system is the battery which stores electrical energy for the times it is required. The typical lifespan of a battery runs just five years. If you live in a region with hot summers, experts recommend replacing a car battery every four years. This maintenance is a preventative measure so you won’t be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

A defective battery cell or a faulty alternator can keep a car battery from remaining fully charged. This will cut the lifespan of a battery, which is a good reason for getting a thorough and regular electrical system checkup for your vehicle.

2) Hard Starting

If you have trouble starting the car, it may not be because of the usual suspects, such as a faulty battery, starter, or engine issues. The cause may be related to an electrical component that is draining the battery and keeping the starter from cranking the engine.

Typically, the check engine light will be activated, indicating the car will not start. The clicking sound upon turning the key often indicates the starter is not receiving an adequate flow of electricity. The root cause is typically a faulty or drained battery.

A grinding noise when the engine is being cranked usually means a defective starter or flywheel ring gear. Cars with more years and miles under its belt are more likely to have problems due to faulty rotating electrical parts.

Fuel injection delivery issues while cranking the engine may also result in starting difficulties. Scheduling regular cleaning of the fuel injection parts and the throttle body helps prevent this problem.

Part 2 will discuss three more top indicators of car electrical problems.

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