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Written by Jessica Golden

Top 5 Indicators of Car Electrical Problems – Part 2

Car Repair Help  Car MechanicAs discussed in Part 1, a car’s electrical system features components that control many aspects of your car. Servicing complex vehicle systems controlled by computers should be left to certified technicians. Part 2 will discuss three more top indicators of car electrical problems. Bring your vehicle to an independent automotive service facility near you for better value and more personalized service.

3) Headlights and Signals Dimming

If your headlights or brake lights are dimmed, it can mean faulty charging, electrical system resistance, a significantly drained battery, or loosened wires. One thing to check for sure is the car’s alternator belt.

Low system voltage can also be the cause of dimming. When voltage is insufficient, crucial safety systems may be disabled and the car will cease functioning eventually.

A typical reason is a cracked or loose belt that keeps an alternator from being efficiently able to maintain battery voltage.

4) Regularly Blowing Fuses

Electrical components or wires drawing excessive electricity can often cause blown fuses. The issue must be isolated first and then repaired prior to replacing a blown fuse,  otherwise the fuse will soon blow again.

After replacement, the fuse must be monitored to ensure the problem won’t happen again. Regularly blowing fuses will require a thorough electrical inspection to properly address the issues.

5) Unusual Odors

If there is an odor of plastic or wiring insulation melting, bring your car to a service facility immediately for a checkup. Intended to convey a maximum electrical load, a circuit will short if it draws more electricity than it is capable of carrying. The smell of smoke in the car may also indicate there’s a fire, and that is why unusual odors should never be ignored.

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