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Written by Jessica Golden

Typical Transmission Issues During Winter

Auto Alignments,Car Repair HelpThe middle of winter brings conditions that negatively impact the transmission of your car. This article will discuss how the colder months can put more stress on a transmission and the typical issues that may arise.

Frozen Gears

Gears may freeze to each other if they have been sitting idle for a while. Symptoms are the car does not shift as fast and shifting is more difficult, which may lead to damage over an extended period. To help prevent this, warm up your vehicle gradually by driving it gently for the first few miles. Idling for a long period will not be as effective.

Iced Fuel Lines

When temps are at freezing or below, a typical issue is fuel lines becoming frozen over with ice. This may compromise fuel line integrity, resulting in significant conditions that involve the entire car, along with the transmission. One way of preventing fuel lines from icing is ensuring your vehicle’s fuel tank remains as full as possible.


Temperatures near or below freezing contract the components of a transmission. When this occurs, leakage from the fluid line as well as decreased line pressure may result, making the gears slip because of lower transmission fluid levels.

Thickened Fluid

Prolonged exposure to cold weather will eventually cause a vehicle’s transmission fluid to thicken and lose viscosity. Major transmission issues result from this condition and the performance of the car will suffer. A solution may be found in using less viscous fluid during the winter season.

Uncontrolled Revving

This is a common problem that occurs when a car that has not been used for a long time is started when it is very cold. The engine will begin revving uncontrollably and you will be unable to stop the revving. The issue usually resolves itself after several minutes when the car is warmed up and achieves an adequate temperature.

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