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Written by Jessica Golden

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Brakes in Winter

When winter brings sleet, snow, ice, and cold rain, dangerous conditions result on the road. These hazards cause more problems and accidents for drivers. This is why a car’s most important safety feature – the braking system – must be well maintained during the colder months. This involves checking brake pads, discs, and fluid levels.

Brake System Overview

We usually don’t think much about our brakes, but lack of maintenance can have terrible results and repair expenses. Stepping on the brake pedal activates a piston that compresses brake fluid, forcing a second piston to cause the brake pads to press against the brake disc, which will eventually bring a vehicle to a stop.

Making sure the brake fluid reservoir is filled to a proper level is crucial for effective braking. Leaking will decrease braking system pressure and reduce effectiveness, making braking harder. If brake fluid leakage becomes substantial enough, it will eventually cause failure.

Friction causes brake pads to wear down every time they make contact with the brake disc. This is why they require regular inspection and replacement at recommended manufacturer intervals to remain functional. When worn pads are not properly replaced, costly damages can result to other brake system components, such as discs, pistons, and seals. Dangerous brake failure may also result.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Getting a brake inspection is relatively simple, and the procedure is included in every vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule. Timely maintenance will find issues earlier and help prevent bigger problems down the road that can be very costly. To be sure your car’s brakes are in great shape, it is essential to have certified technicians perform regular braking system checks and services.

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