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Written by Stu Kushner

Will Your Vehicle’s Engine Fail?

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Your vehicle’s engine will fail if you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding its use and maintenance schedule or fail to pay attention to signs of problems. An engine that requires repair or replacement is typically the most expensive problem a car owner will have to address. This article will discuss the five most common reasons an engine will fail.

Dismissing Check Engine Light

Ignoring a check engine light (service engine soon light on some cars) is a good way to allow an engine to undergo a damaging condition. The check engine light can be activated due to many different conditions these days, not just an oxygen sensor or catalytic converter. It would be wise to bring your vehicle to a service center for diagnosis as soon as possible after the check engine light turns on.

Engine Flooding

A sudden heavy rainstorm can bring rapid flooding to roads in low-lying areas, where cars are trapped in high water. If a car is driven through a flooded area and water passes through the intake manifold, which provides an engine’s air-fuel mixture, and then into the combustion chamber, it may result in bent piston rods and a severely damaged engine.

Ignoring Oil Level

Ignoring an oil leak from your engine is a good way to end its life prematurely. Losing oil simply means losing lubrication, resulting in accelerated and damaging wear to an engine’s metal parts and leading to its eventual failure.

Not Changing Oil

Performing regular oil changes at the recommended intervals by the manufacturer is essential for an engine’s good health and long service life. It is also crucial to utilize the proper oil required by your vehicle’s engine. Many car manufacturers are specifying synthetic oils for newer vehicles so their engines can perform at their very best while consuming fuel efficiently.

Overlooking Cooling System

Automotive experts recommend an engine coolant flush at intervals of 30,000 miles or every three years, whichever comes first. Unfortunately the majority of car owners do not pay attention to their vehicle’s cooling system until it has deteriorated or been damaged. As a result, the cooling system will not function properly or will leak coolant, leading to an engine overheating and becoming seriously damaged.

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