Auto Alignments, Front-End Alignments
Written by Jessica Golden

Winter Wheel Alignment for Driving Safety

Auto Alignments, Front-End AlignmentsYou and your family had fun during the summer and fall driving your car to outings and vacation spots. Unfortunately, those road trips may have knocked your wheel alignment out of whack after driving on dirt roads or dipping into potholes. With Old Man Winter on his way, you and a trusted mechanic will need to set things straight.

Signs and Benefits

Your car veers to the left or right. The steering wheel vibrates when you turn. When you think it should go straight, the car wants to head to one side. These are some of the signs that you need a winter wheel alignment.

Experts say you should get one every 10,000 miles. The benefits are greater fuel efficiency, greater longevity for tires, improved steering, better handling, and driving safety.

Causes and Effects

A car’s wheel alignment is negatively affected by travelling on rough roads, striking a curb, running over debris, or even a small accident. Misalignment can also simply occur over time as the miles add up.

An improper alignment results in loss of traction, and how your tires make contact with the road surface is crucial during winter driving. The greater the effectiveness of your tire’s treads when you are on ice, snow, or slush, the safer you and your passengers will be.

Before Winter

As winter is just around the corner, it would be wise to take the opportunity to get a wheel alignment when you are switching from summer tires to all-season or winter tires. Tires designed to handle mud, snow, and ice will perform their best if the car’s wheels are all properly aligned.

Alignment Basics

Performing a proper wheel alignment requires expertise from a technician. Just several millimeters will determine handling and how long your tires will last. Choose a facility with a computerized wheel alignment machine. It will provide measurements for the caster, toe, and camber with precision, so the mechanic can make the correct adjustments to achieve the proper alignment for your tires.

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